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I had to take the car in to Petaluma for a checkup, so I got to wander around Petaluma for a few hours.

This town is great for pictures: there are a lot of old buildings and architectural details everywhere you look.

Click here to check them out.

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Went up to Truckee over the weekend and got some skiing in at Boreal and Sugar Bowl. Pix here.

I also dorked out and nearly tore my thumb off.

Fellow primates, don't take your thumbs for granted - they do a lot for us. My thumb and left hand are no longer swelled up like a catcher's mitt, and the purple bruising has subsided, but it still hurts like you wouldn't believe. Poor me! Had fun though.

Update: turns out I broke it! Almost 50 years old, and this is my first (confirmed) break.

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I have made - yet again - another website.

After many years of developing with Drupal, this one is based on a platform called Bludit. Apparently there is some rule that says web platforms MUST have weird, made-up names.

I discovered Bludit when my wife asked if I could make a quick simple site for her new side gig as a Zumba instructor. Drupal would have worked, but it's overkill when all she needed were a few pages. Drupal uses a database to store its content and settings, whereas Bludit uses JSON stored in flat files. I made her new site fairly quickly: Zumba with Peg, and realized this platform would be great for her OTHER side gig as a fire dancer: Aries Fire Arts. Obviously, my wife is much cooler than I am.

Bludit is a fairly new platform, but is very configurable and a number of useful add-ons and themes have been written for it, so I thought I would learn more about it by getting under the hood and figuring out how to use it for my own site. I still like Drupal, but it's always good to learn about new tools.

I am not sure I will be able to turn them into viable plugins, but I have already written an RSS feed aggregator using the SimplePie library - see the news page. Drupal has a nice Feed Aggregator module that I have been using for years, and I have become addicted to having all that stuff collected on my own website.

I also put together a pile of nonsense that will hopefully make putting photo galleries up on the site easy to do and nice to look at. So far, there are two -- pictures from a 2016 New Year's Day hike with the Tumbleweeds, and a sampling of shots from my phone that I processed while learning darktable.

Finally, in case you are curious about the title of this post (and sub-heading for the site), as well as the charming image that accompanies it (that's Squid Vicious, by the way), it's just left over from the test pages and posts I was using to figure out how the Bludit system works. I had to make up titles for things like 'Some Junk', 'More Junk', etc. I needed images to throw into the mix - Squid Vicious is something I drew way back in the day when I lived in Brooklyn. (I'm so, so very old. Sigh.)

The title and image have grown on me, and I just feel like keeping them around.