FBI Document Shows What Data Can Be Obtained From Encrypted Messaging Apps

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Record: A recently discovered FBI training document shows that US law enforcement can gain limited access to the content of encrypted messages from secure messaging services like iMessage, Line, and WhatsApp, but not to messages sent via Signal, Telegram, Threema, Viber, WeChat, or Wickr. The document, obtained earlier this month following a FOIA request filed by Property of the People, a US nonprofit dedicated to government transparency, appears to contain training advice for what kind of data agents can obtain from the operators of encrypted messaging services and the legal processes they have to go through. Dated to January 7, 2021, the document doesn't include any new information but does a good job at providing an up-to-date summary of what type of information the FBI can currently obtain from each of the listed services. [...] While the document confirms that the FBI can't gain access to encrypted messages sent through some services, the other type of information they can glean from providers might still help authorities in other aspects of their investigations. The content of the document, which may be hard to read due to some font rendering issues, is also available in the table [embedded in the article]. Of note, the table above does not include details about Keybase, a recent end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) service that has been gaining in popularity. The service was acquired by video conferencing software maker Zoom in May 2020.

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SpaceX’s Starlink Is Testing Internet Service for Aircraft

SpaceX's Starlink unit is testing its space-based internet service with several aircraft and wants to offer in-flight connection to airlines "as soon as possible," a company vice president said. From a report: Starlink is in talks with several airlines about offering in-flight broadband connections, Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of commercial sales, said Tuesday on a panel at the Airline Passenger Experience Association gathering in Long Beach, California. That would put the company in direct competition with Viasat, Intelsat SA, Telesat and others. Starlink is producing six satellites a week at its assembly site near Seattle, Hofeller said. It is also moving to a more sophisticated version.

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Crap Words From Dr. Oz’s Senate Announcement, Or Crap Medical Advice He Gave On His Show? A QUIZ!

"How can we acknowledge that Dr. Oz is running for Senate in Pennsylvania," we asked ourselves, "without actually giving that fucking clownfuck any more of our time than he deserves?" And the answer we arrived at was to make you a quiz.

The rules are simple: We will type a line of text, and you have to decide whether it was some dumb shit he said in his Senate announcement, or some dumb medical advice shit he actually told people on his show, or maybe on Fox News, because of how he's such a quack.

It's going to be extra hard, because a lot of the things from his Senate announcement are Oz whining and bitching about lockdowns and whining his mouth off about "elites." But HELPFUL HINT THAT MIGHT HELP YOU, the odd numbers are from the Senate announcement, and the evens are his shit "medical" advice.

1. COVID-19 became an excuse for the government and elite thinkers who controlled the means of communication to suspend debate.

2. One time Dr. Oz scared people with news that suggested that mouthwash causes high blood pressure.

3. Dissenting opinions from leading scholars were ridiculed and canceled so their ideas could not be disseminated.

4. Then there was the time he said the "magic weight-loss cure for every body type" was "this little bean," which was green coffee extract. Who doesn't love Dr. Oz's little bean!

5. Instead, the government mandated policies that caused unnecessary suffering. The public was patronized and misled instead of empowered. We were told to lock down quietly and let those in charge take care of the rest. When we tested positive for the virus, we were also told to wait at home until our lips turned blue and we got sick enough to warrant hospitalization.

6. Hydroxybonercream is his FAAAAAAAVORITE treatment for COVID, he loves it soooooo much, he wants to marrrrrrrrrry it.

7. Elites with yards told those without yards to stay inside, where the virus was more likely to spread. And the arrogant, closed-minded people in charge closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses, and took away our freedom.

Hold on, what the fuck is he talking about? You have no idea either? OK just checking. Moving on.

8. Know what cures restless leg syndrome? Some lavender soap under your covers, or barring that, getting dutch ovened by an angel. Just kidding, he didn't say the angel poots thing. That would be silly.

9. Although we had some moments of brilliance, such as the gift to the world of mRNA vaccines made possible by President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed ...

10. MAYBE "the No. 1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat" is something called "raspberry ketones," sure why not, it had never been tested on humans, but that's just a detail.

11. Equally concerning, we cannot even say what we see anymore, which is a suffocating feeling. Doctors are trained to tell it like it is because you deserve to hear our best advice and make your own decisions. It’s why I have fought the establishment my whole career.

12. Can your astrological sign tell you a whole bunch about your health? Yes, or ZOMGYES?

In a now-deleted tweet, Oz said astrology could help people understand their personal health.

"For centuries, we have used astrological signs to examine our personality and how we interact with those around us," he said. "However, these signs may reveal a great deal about our health as well."

13. We must confront those who want to change the very soul of America and reimagine it with their toxic ideology. We need to fight for the benefit of our descendants. We have fumbled the baton we’re supposed to pass to our children. And I want to pick up that baton and start racing toward our promising future.

Well, this has been a terrifying exercise.


[Dr. Oz announcement]

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Great Jamaican Bake-Off

Showing off my first ever challah loaves. I can make cupcakes and cookies just fine, but bread is really a hit or miss thing for me. Especially a nice soft bread like the big C. But, hope springs eternal for me. I found this simple recipe on Food. com and followed the recipe closely. Sorta. Half whole wheat and I used brown sugar.

I also figured out my bacon jam recipe for this year. The right stout is critical. So… guess I better mix up the main batch and get the kosher/halal & vegan versions together for shipping. Plus I have a ton of mini-Jamaican Black Cakes to make before I drink myself to death eating rum infused dried fruit. Suddenly raisins taste good to me! Better put it in a cake. How’s your Christmas cookery going? Open food & fun thread.

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NASA Postpones Spacewalk Citing ‘Debris Notification’ for ISS

Nasa has postponed a planned spacewalk outside the International Space Station due to flying "debris," two weeks after Russia blew up one of its own satellites in a missile test that created clouds of zooming shrapnel in orbit. From a report: Washington's space agency did not mention the Russian test in its announcement, but a Nasa official had warned a day earlier of a slightly elevated risk to astronauts due to the 14 November incident. The strike generated thousands of pieces of "space junk" that are now hurling around the Earth at about 17,000 mph (27,400km/h) -- much faster than the speed of a bullet. At that velocity, even tiny flecks of paint can damage spacecraft, with spacesuits even more vulnerable. On Tuesday, about five hours before the astronauts Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron were due to venture outside the space station, Nasa said on Twitter that the spacewalk to fix a failed antenna had been cancelled. "Nasa received a debris notification for the space station. Due to the lack of opportunity to properly assess the risk it could pose to the astronauts, teams have decided to delay the 30 November spacewalk until more information is available," it tweeted. Moscow has said its test to destroy its own spacecraft, Tselina-D, which had been in orbit since 1982, was successful and the debris posed no "threat to space activity."

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Joe Biden Did Inflation And Now All The Santas Are Dead

Republicans have an impressive racket going where they periodically destroy the country and blame Democrats for it. You might’ve noticed how they’ve actively encouraged their own supporters to needlessly get sick and die from a preventable disease. They’re even extending unemployment benefits like common hippies to people who lose their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated.

However, Joe Biden is the president, even if Republicans won’t acknowledge it, so he’s directly responsible for their own misdeeds. The official GOP Twitter account gloated Monday over COVID-19’s continued dominance in our lives.

Joe Biden promised he would shut down the coronavirus.

He failed.

Americans are concerned about the emergence of a new Transformers-themed COVID-19 variant and the GOP responds with gleeful chest-thumping worthy of the most deranged supervillain.

This is shameless, but like Velma Kelly’s famous double act, Republicans can’t do it alone. The media helps a great deal. Sometimes it seems as if RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel moonlights as the mainstream media's news director. Republicans say “cancel culture” is an existential threat, and the media runs with it. The very same Republicans who fucked us sideways into the unwinnable Afghanistan War claim Biden’s withdrawal was just like the fall of Saigon, and the media is like, “Sure, that tracks.”

The GOP is obsessed with painting Biden as the next Jimmy Carter, which actually isn’t the insult they think it is. If there’s a God and a heaven, you should emulate Carter, not fellow one-termer Donald Trump. Rising inflation is a legitimate concern that Biden has addressed, but Eric Boehlert at Press Run notes that the media is helping Republicans manufacture a crisis and create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Last month’s jobs report showed a surging economy in recovery: 531,000 jobs were added, and revised estimates for September and August confirmed the creation of an additional 235,000 positions. That’s good news — the lowest number of people filing for unemployment in more than 50 years! — but the major news networks mostly buried the story, focusing instead on rising inflation, which is exactly what the GOP wants.

From Press Run:

Contrast that to last Wednesday, when news broke that inflation had jumped 6.2 percent last month, fueling concerns about spiraling consumer costs. [Boehlert actually overstates it as most media did; that month, inflation was 6.2 percent higher *compared to the year before*. — Ed] That evening, both “NBC Nightly News” and “ABC World News Tonight” slotted the inflation story as the second most important development of the news cycle.

Was it a coincidence that both ABC and NBC didn’t care much about massive job gains under President Joe Biden, but were intently focused on the upsetting inflationary news? It was the latest example of the press being eager to push bad news for Biden, while looking away from signs of economic hope.

However, according to Nate Cohn at the New York Times, the media is being perfectly fair and balanced.

He tweeted:

Inflation is also a real issue, even if it's transitory. A household with 40k annual expenditures loses 2k in real dollars due to 5% inflation. There goes the stimulus check that you think should drive Biden's approval ratings up.

And while some people get raises that keep up with inflation or change jobs, many people do not. Inflation almost invariably creates losers v. low inflation, even if real per capita income keeps up.

Biden should receive credit for passing COVID-19 relief that helped Americans weather the pandemic. That was the whole point! We didn’t win the lottery. The media should also remind folks that if it were up to Republicans, they wouldn’t have stimulus checks at all.

Few inflation panic stories explain that this is a natural reaction to Americans resuming something approaching a normal life, which is good news! Cohn misses the point when he says, “Inflation is a real issue, even if it’s transitory.” When recovering from major surgery, you might feel like crap, but the pain is not forever. You’re healing. The doctor isn’t dismissing your pain when they tell you it’s temporary. They’re providing necessary context and hope.

Nationwide Financial explains:

Demand for many goods dropped in 2020 and remained lower into 2021 as further waves of COVID cases led to government restrictions on consumer behavior. As cases waned in the spring of 2021, these restrictions were mostly lifted, driving a surge in demand. Supply conditions of many inputs (I.e. – lumber, steel, and microchips) were depressed during the pandemic, too — in anticipation of reduced demand with the downturn and due to pandemic limits on the number of workers.

Once the economy reopened more fully, total production within many industries lagged as businesses had difficulty finding inputs and workers. The resulting supply crunch led to higher costs for producers which were passed into many of the prices seen on shelves, with the annual change in the consumer price index spiking to 5.4 percent in mid-2021.

There's one more last bit of info, which seems pertinent: Corporations are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices and profits. We don't suppose Republicans would welcome it, though, if Joe Biden made like a common Cuba and put price ceilings on consumer goods.

This is why the media should challenge the GOP’s inflation narrative. Republicans are cynically demoralizing the public, often making disingenuous comparisons between prices for goods and services a year ago, when most of the country was still under lockdown, and this year, when people were free to gather with their annoying relatives.

Here’s Rep. Jim Jordan randomly listing price increases for Thanksgiving menu items. He apparently buys “gravy” in the “gravy” aisle. Turkey prices plunged in 2020 because extended families weren’t dining together. You’d want them to increase this year, but Jordan isn’t interested in facts.

Republicans are also lying on every possible platform about the nation’s supply chain issues. Senator Tom Cotton told Laura Ingraham Monday that he “doesn’t remember supply chain shortages” in 2020. It is adorable that he claims he doesn’t “remember,” so he’s technically not lying. His conscience might almost trouble him. Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany would just say that there were definitively no supply chain shortages when Trump was president and in fact, he personally delivered cake and ice cream to every American during the lockdown.

Meanwhile, Fox News regrets to informs us about a nationwide Santa shortage. Did Trump kill all the Santas? Should they have gotten vaccinated maybe? No. Fuck you, Biden! You’ve cancelled Christmas.

According to the small print in the chyron, an experienced Santa-for-hire could charge $150 or more. Is that per hour or for the whole gig? Excuse me, I need to make a phone call.

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Biden Administration Makes First Move on Data Privacy

The Biden administration is launching its first big effort on privacy policy by looking at how data privacy issues affect civil rights. From a report: The National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA), the telecom unit of the Commerce Department, plans to hold "listening sessions" and seek comment on the intersection of privacy, equity and civil rights, according to an agency notice. NTIA intends to develop a report on the "ways in which commercial data flows of personal information can lead to disparate impact and outcomes for marginalized or disadvantaged communities." The agency noted that data collection can lead to harm through discriminatory targeted advertising or via software that uses race as a factor in predicting academic success, as detailed by a report in The Markup.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Fox News Can’t Decide: Is Anthony Fauci Mussolini, Or Josef Mengele?

Fox News hosts can't seem to keep their metaphors straight as they fulminate about the untold horrors the government may impose on Americans in response to the newly recognized Omicron variant of the SARS CoV-2 virus. In mere reality, the nation's public health experts are saying it's concerning, but we need to know more about Omicron (particularly how transmissible it is, and how well current vaccines work against it) before we make any policies to deal with it. There's a hell of a lot we don't know yet, but we do know for certain that the Delta variant is still killing people, so the best thing people can do is get vaccinated or get their booster shots.

Fortunately, wingnut media is happy to fill the current lack of certainty with extra-large helpings of speculation and conspiracy theories, like the loony notion that there is no new variant of the virus at all, it's all just an excuse to steal the 2022 midterms, because somehow South Africa and the world medical community are secretly run by Nancy Pelosi.

So now Fox News faces a bit of a rhetorical dilemma. The network gets its highest ratings when people are terrified, but since it's also committed to insisting that COVID-19 is a big nothingburger (but the vaccines are scary), Fox can't go the easy way and hype the potential threat of Omicron. Instead, Fox is back to its usual game of hyping the threat that the government is just itching to use Omicron as an excuse to impose lockdowns, force everyone to wear a mask in their own homes, take your guns, and have Taylor Swift write a new woke national anthem. For starters.

As usual, Fox has gone in for another round of demonizing Dr. Anthony Fauci, who just might be the greatest threat to America since Critical Race Theory and the War on Christmas combined! Monday evening, Fox Nation host Lara Logan carefully explained that Fauci was exactly like Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi who carried out horrifying experiments at Auschwitz (and was also involved in deciding which arriving Jews would be sent to slave labor, and who would go straight to the gas chambers). Not to be outdone, Tucker Carlson, in a long rant that was incoherent even for him, kept up his insistence that people who refuse to be vaccinated are now being targeted for extermination, just like the Kulaks were in Soviet Russia. Unable to stick with a simile for more than a fruit fly's heartbeat, Carlson then proclaimed Fauci to be not like Joseph Stalin, but instead "an even shorter version of Benito Mussolini," even though Mussolini was 5' 7" and Stalin more around 5' 4" (or 5' 5", or even 5' 6", according to the googles).

Fauci is 5' 7", in case you were wondering. No, Carlson didn't explain what exactly made Fauci into Mussolini, except for pointing out that in a "60 Minutes" interview, Fauci referred to himself in the third person and pointed out that rightwing media have an easier time attacking people than science, so the attacks on science tend to come in the form of attacks on Fauci. The nerve of that guy, saying that he personifies science!

"Clearly, something deep inside Tony Fauci has changed. The man now believes he's a deity, accountable to no one," Carlson outgassed very convincingly.

Why, Fauci even laughed at Ted Cruz for saying Fauci should be prosecuted, even though Cruz was elected to office and therefore is much more of an authority about things. Fauci brushed off the comment (with, yes, a tu quoque fallacy, shame on him) by suggesting that if anyone should worry, maybe it's members of Congress who egged on the January 6th insurrection. Carlson pretended that wasn't Fauci's point, possibly because Latin confuses Tucker even more than logic, and claimed that Fauci believes that anyone who questions Mad King Fauci is trying to bring down the government.

Sorry, got all rhetoric-y there. TL;DR: Tucker Carlson is a asshole whose dishonest distortions might make for a dandy dissertation, provided the poor grad student managed not to be driven mad by pondering them, like a character in Lovecraft.

Lara Logan, that great war correspondent who was shitcanned by "parted ways with" CBS News after a fake Benghazi story that embarrassed "60 Minutes," brought her great knowledge of world history to an appearance on Fox's "Prime Time" in which she explained that Fauci was actually a lot more like Josef Mengele, what with all the choosing who lives and dies, the obscene medical experimentation on humans, and the telling Americans to get a free, safe, effective vaccine to protect against serious infection or death. The parallels between Mengele and Fauci really are astonishing! Everyone tells her so, mostly in hipster coffee shops we guess:

You see, Logan "explained," COVID is really not much of anything, no more deadly than "seasonal flu" — as long as you consider "far deadlier than the flu" to mean "about the same" as seasonal flu. (Logan also believes that the COVID vaccines aren't "really a vaccine," because she is an immunologist, too.) So since COVID is no biggie — except for the dying, permanent organ damage, long COVID, and high death toll — monsters like Fauci have tried to justify their continued advocacy for things they haven't actually advocated since the early days of the pandemic, like total lockdowns, business closures, and transports of Jews to the East.

What you see on Dr. Fauci – this is what people say to me: that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Joseph Mengele. Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the second World War and in the concentration camps. And I am talking about people all across the world are saying this because the response from COVID, what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty, it has obliterated economies.

We have a theory! Nobody liked the very brief period of partial lockdowns that occurred in the US, although most lockdown orders were over and done by June or July of 2020. But since those were the most consistently hated aspect of the COVID response (they closed the churches!!!!!!), rightwing media just can't stop insisting that all efforts to fight the virus — masking, vaccines, contact tracing, limits on indoor occupancy, and even testing — amount to "lockdowns," because wingnuts are doomed like Sisyphus to spend eternity on a slippery slope.

Nobody in a position of authority in the USA is advocating new lockdowns, and considering how badly we complied with the brief lockdowns early on, it's unlikely they'd be ordered even in states that haven't outright banned health authorities from imposing them. But the very idea kicks Fox News viewers right in the ol' limbic system, so it's fear of lockdowns all the time.

That, or they've all just come unstuck in time.

Correction: Story updated to spell Lara Logan's name right, Dok had a brainfart and Wonkette regrets the error.

[Joe.My.God. / MediaMatters]

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Barbados, Formally Casting Off the Queen, Becomes a Republic

In the early hours of Tuesday, at a ceremony attended by hundreds of masked officials, a prince and at least one pop star, the Caribbean island of Barbados became a republic, cutting ties with Queen Elizabeth II and casting off the last major vestige of its colonial past. The New York Times: The nation swore in its first president, Sandra Mason, a former governor general who had been appointed by the queen. A 21-gun salute rang out as the national anthem played. The red, yellow and navy blue royal flag was lowered -- exactly 55 years after the country gained independence from Britain. "Today, debate and discourse have become action," Ms. Mason, 72, told the onlookers gathered in the capital, Bridgetown. "Today, we set our compass to a new direction." Ms. Mason received a majority vote in Parliament in October to take on the role. In a speech afterward, Prime Minister Mia Mottley said: "We believe that the time has come for us to claim our full destiny. It is a woman of the soil to whom this honor is being given." The island nation, a democracy of about 300,000 people, announced in September that it would remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state, the latest Caribbean island to do so. It joined Guyana, which gained independence in 1966 and became a republic in 1970; Trinidad and Tobago, which became independent in 1962 and a republic in 1976; and Dominica, which gained full independence as a republic in 1978. Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea are among the nations that still call the queen their head of state. Barbados will remain part of the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 54 countries with roots in the British Empire.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Nancy Pelosi Buying Up Double Fridges In South Florida To Store Her Luxury Ice Creams, Probably

If you spent your Thanksgiving sucking at the bowels of the rightwing internet, you were privy to some BIG MAJOR NEWS. No, not the thing about how Kamala Harris bought a nice pot in France. (It's true! Kamala Harris, the vice president, was in France, and while there she bought a nice piece of cookware. And highly paid professional wingnuts melted down pretending they were common peasants with no idea what decent cookware costs and that Harris is literally Marie Antoinette.)

We are talking about the story of the REAL (not real) Marie Antoinette, whose name is Nancy Pelosi. This was worse (not worse) than when Princess Cookies 'n' Cream Vanderbilt Rothschild Pelosi revealed she has a double fridge with deluxe ice creams in it.

The story was that Nancy Pelosi had bought a $25 million home in Jupiter Island, Florida. WHOA IF TRUE! Except it wasn't true, it was just rightwing Twitter bullshit, that thing where they all make up a story together and agree to believe it, like QAnon or Reaganomics.

The Bulwark does the best job we've seen of explaining how this started in certain fever armpits of the American Right on Twitter and immediately traveled to all the other fever armpits of the American Right on Twitter, like those belonging to Sean Hannity. Why would this story get all the wingnuts' legs kicking involuntarily, like Pomeranians getting their bellies scratched?

The lib-owning idea went something like this: Nancy Pelosi and her ilk have overreacted to COVID-19 at every turn. Ron DeSantis is a freedom loving governor of the greatest state in America. And now Pelosi was all but admitting that DeSantis was right by spending $25 million on Florida real estate. What an elitist hypocrite!

Okeydoke. We could note that if somebody is buying a $25 million property on Hobe Sound in Jupiter Island, they're really not having to subject themselves to very much "Florida," but that would be tacky of us to say.

And anyway, the story isn't true.

But apparently it really got its legs when it was picked up by a wingnut website called Big League Politics on November 24. The Bulwark notes that we should look at the ads on the site:

That's right, "Let's Go Brandon!" gear on top of the MyPillow Guy's jizz sheets or something. Clearly the target audience here is not very bright.

Of course, the headline says merely that "online rumors suggest" Pelosi is buying a big house. Let's see if the story is so circumspect:

Corrupt Democrat oligarch Nancy Pelosi

Hahahaha imagine being the dork who wrote that.

is reportedly finalizing the purchase of a $25 million mansion in South Florida, departing California amid the state’s decline as a result of policy she’s long supported.

You know, because it's a sincerely held wingnut religious belief that people are leaving California in droves because "liberal policies." As opposed to it just being too fuckin' expensive because too many people want to live there. But sure, Nancy Pelosi is trying to get away from Nancy Pelosi!

But wait, "reportedly" according to whom?

Pelosi is slated to become a resident of Jupiter Island in Martin County, an elite community with the distinction of its residents possessing the highest per capita income of any municipality in the United States.

Sources cited elite South Florida real estate brokers who confirmed Pelosi was in the closing stages of the purchase of the property.

Oh, it's "sources." And who are "sources"? There's a now-deleted tweet from some douche named Gabe Hoffman that says he "Just checked with top broker in area who confirmed this information." The other "source" appears to be the very same Big League Politics writer, with his own SCOOP! several weeks ago that said Pelosi was house-hunting in Florida. And who were the "sources" for that? "Multiple witnesses." Which witnesses? Well for instance Marjorie Taylor Greene, who seen Pelosi with her own eyes. Looking for houses? No, just on an airplane.

But that grunting dipshit definitely knows why Pelosi is moving to Florida, and it is "mask free hair salons."

So we see how this particular sausage is made, and good lord, realizing what goes into that sausage is enough to make a person for real throw up.

And from there it just went everywhere. It was on the website of Sean Hannity's favorite pretend investigative journalist Sara Carter, and even Hannity's own Twitter account sent it out. Dinesh D'Souza blew it out his ass. It was in the Washington Examiner, in a story that apparently got surreptitiously edited several times, according to the Bulwark. (Now it concedes that the original story "may just be too juicy to be true." Maybe.)

The South Florida Sun Sentinel had to do a full debunking the day before Thanksgiving, after the rumors started flying, because it was just obnoxiously everywhere. Drew Hammill, Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, explained that "There’s no such pending sale nor is the family looking or interested." And it's not just Pelosi's people, but also the listing agent on the house in question:

“I can confirm the buyer is NOT Nancy Pelosi,” said Beth Bourque of Southern Shore Properties, in a text message, using capital letters for emphasis.


Because Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, owns a real estate investment company, Hammill was blunt when asked if it was possible that Paul Pelosi or a corporate entity linked to him might have been the buyer.

“Nope, it’s made up,” Hammill said.

Asked if the buyer was anybody affiliated with Pelosi, or even a corporate entity possibly linked to Pelosi, Bourque, the seller’s agent, said no.

The story was also well-debunked by a journalist named Claudine Zap at Realtor.com. Because that's what Realtor.com really wants to be spending its time doing when it could be doing blogs about the Property Brothers and what colors to paint your bedroom for $$$.

In summary and in conclusion, this has been another complete waste of our time, brought to us by the worst Americans God ever accidentally breathed life into instead of throwing them in the discard pile.

Wake us up if Pelosi buys a Le Creuset pot, like a REAL oligarch.

[The Bulwark / South Florida Sun Sentinel]

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