Afternoon Off

My computer is down for repairs so I have the afternoon off. Nothing major, just brought it in for a detailed cleaning and to replace some fans and check the cooling tubes, do a detailed cleaning, etc. Is it something I could do at home? Probably. But I am tired of trying to jam my bear paws into a computer case filled with intricate shit, losing screws and having to shake them out, all while thurston sticks his wet schnozz into everything I am doing. So I am having a bunch of turbo nerds do it for me.

As such, I have the afternoon off. I can:

1.) Clean and organize the kitchen and pantry.

2.) Go outside and clean the front beds and then plant the plethora of tulips I orders in June and promptly forgot about until they arrived in the mail in September alongside the plethora of tulips and daffodils I ordered in fucking July because I forgot I ordered some in June, which also showed up the same god damned day in September.

3.) Fall into a Life Below Zero K-hole on Disney+ and convince myself I could handle subsistence living and then napping.

HAHAHAHA I kid myself it’s going to be three.

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