An Anniversary: Twenty — Well, Almost Thirteen — Years On

I got through all of last year… and I’m here!

Cole invited me to become a front-pager back in May 2009; it took a few weeks to get me started, because even then I was old enough not to be very tech-savvy, or to have much hope of ever becoming so. He was patient, partially because he’d already asked two other prolific commentors to become his site’s first Vagina-American front pagers, and been separately told neither had the time for such foolishness a commitment.

My first post was a book recc for Castle Freeman‘s All That I Have. I referenced Terry Pratchett and Donald Westlake, because I figured at least some of the Jackaltariat knew (and approved) those gentlemen.

Somewhere along the way, I figured out that I could produce a brilliant, witty, heavily-researched post every week… two, in a good week. Or I could (sometimes also) churn out a steady stream of aggregations and open threads, twice or three or four times a day. Since there were always other front-pagers to step up with the B,W,H-R posts (points to anyone who recognizes the light literary reference!)… well, I’m looking forward to my 15,000th post, which should fall somewhere around the end of March, pandemic reading and Murphy the Trickster God willing.

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