Day 1: Trixie and Scout Open Thread

Way too many photos, but enjoy them because I’m sure I’m going to be too busy for a few weeks to post many.

Day 1: Trixie and Scout

Scout and Trixie have hit it off pretty well. Trixie walked into the house and decided, yup this is where I belong, and began exploring her new home without hesitation. Day one has been a good day with excellent potty skills and good interactions with the other critters.

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 7

She’s a brindle harlequin, meaning her spots are varying degrees of dark brown, grey and brindle. They are amazing markings. And those feet…they are huge in comparison to the rest of her.

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 6

Lots of playing and lots of sleeping (for all of us).

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 2

Scout is happy-ish. She needs some time to adapt to being the “big dog.” She enjoyed her baby status.

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 4

She’s not thrilled to get her photos taken, so no formal portrait with panda yet.

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 5

I swear her ears are long enough to step on, LOL

Day 1: Trixie and Scout 3

This isn’t really what it looks like, but I love that I caught it. Trixie was kissing her and Scout was surprised. Not appalled. I swear.

Someone in another thread asked me why Great Danes and I think I’ve told the story before, but my first rescue as an adult was a six-month-old black Great Dane. I had no idea what I was in for but I was immediately smitten and my 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th rescues were all Danes. And most of my fosters have been Danes. Though there was one Husky mix foster that stole my heart, vexed me, made me believe in miracles and also showed me I am not built to live with Huskies. What a handful.

Bixby was my very first puppy ever and boy, was I not prepared for what it meant to have a Great Dane puppy – I’m better prepared now. I think.

Open thread


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Mid-Morning Open Thread Now With Ducks

I honestly cannot tell if there is a post in the works or not, so if this gets stomped on, no big deal. But it looks like we could use a new thread. Now with ducks. Playing in the sprinklers. If that doesn’t reduce your stress, nothing will.

The ducks enjoying some rare winter watering time. With the driest fall on record, now going into winter, the city has asked us to water bushes and trees while the days are above 70 degrees. Boon for the ducks…not so much my water bill.

Open thread

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Guess Who Gets Puppy Video?

That’s right, you do. Because I just received a command from the blogfather that you should get puppy video (like 5 minutes ago, he called me and said “we need video”) and I could not say no.

Yes, one of these little (HA! – they are all* bigger than Scout when she CAME HOME!) seven-week-old pups will be arriving next week to bring joy back to our very sad home.

That is all you get!

Okay…maybe her name:

Guess Who Gets Puppy Video?

Officially, Trixie Belle …and I’m assuming some third name when I decide what kind of trouble she is. Scout knows when I call her Jean Louise Finch, she should just put herself into time out in the bathroom.

Guess Who Gets Puppy Video? 1

Scout in a rare timeout (which she did herself) for barking in the backyard when I told her to stop.

Open thread

*Except for the fawn, Max, who came to them with a broken leg, when no other vet could fix it, their vet not only fixed it, but is now adopting Max and this video is the first where little Max is cast free and running with the “big” dogs and loving it.

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Respite Open Thread: One Week To Chaos

Respite Open Thread: One Week To Chaos

It took Sully a few months to understand Scout. I don’t think he was around dogs before – and clearly not huge dogs. But every night around 9 pm, he takes over my lap (bye-bye any work I might be doing) and snuggles up to Scout. Unfortunately, this dynamic is going to be challenged in the next month. I’m hoping he’ll adjust once again. His need to be velcro seems to eventually overcome his suspicion of change.

Respite Open Thread: One Week To Chaos 1

This girl is now 90% turkey, for sure. I believe she’s eaten her weight in turkey since Tuesday when I made the turkey broth from the backbone, neck and giblets of the Thanksgiving bird. She may be small, but she can eat the big boys under the table. I have no idea where she stashes it all.

Respite Open Thread: One Week To Chaos 3

The cheesecloth soaked in bourbon and maple syrup turkey turned out amazing. I can’t imagine doing it another way going forward – changing up the flavors, but always wrapping it in cheesecloth. Foolproof bird.

Respite Open Thread: One Week To Chaos 2

And finally – I completed my Christmas decorating yesterday. Yup, this is it. I’m not insane enough to put up a tree when chaos is arriving in a week. As you can see, Scout is nonplussed by it all. Not sure how she’s going to take not being the baby anymore.

Stay tuned…

This is an open thread.

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Thanksgiving Menu: Spatchcock Turkey With Bourbon and Maple Syrup

My favorite holiday has come around again. I am afraid nothing new or exciting this season, it’s been a rough year and this month especially. But cooking always makes me feel better, so traditional Thanksgiving is on the menu this week.

This year I’m going to post the Thanksgiving menu and provide links to each recipe.

I’ll spatchcock the turkey as always, but I’m going to use Michael Symon’s recipe for a maple/bourbon/butter wrapping.  Everything else will be family favorites.

On the Thanksgiving Day board:

Appetizers: Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe here), crucrudités tray with dips

Michael Symons Spatchcock Roasted Turkey (posted below)



Garlic Mashed Potatoes (recipe here)

Winter Squash Soup (recipe here)

Cranberry Sauce (recipe here)

Seasoned Green Beans with Bacon (recipe here)

Dessert: Blueberry Pie, Cranberry Upside-Down Cake and Apple Crisp

If you’re in the mood for some non-traditional sides, got you covered with quite a few here. 

If bourbon maple turkey isn’t to your taste, all the turkey recipes from years past can be found here.

And all the other Thanksgiving recipes can be found here.

For the turkey…

Michael Symon’s Roasted Spatchcock Turkey:

Auto Draft 56

click for full size

This looks simple enough that I’m not worried about trying it for the first time on Thanksgiving Day. I love Michael Symon’s recipes. His Rib Roast is my go-to every Christmas.

This Thanksgiving he’s been posting recipes and videos for a complete dinner. Link here (you don’t need a Facebook account to read or watch). I’m fascinated with covering the turkey with cheesecloth.  I’ll roast it in the oven, instead of on the wood pellet grill, so I can keep a good eye on it.

That’s it for my ideas. What’s on your menu for Thanksgiving. Have any favorite, non-traditional recipes to share? How about memorable holiday blunders?


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Let’s Talk Turkey (and bonus Duckteen video)

The duckteens experienced their first blast of winter and were not too pleased about it. They had to stay in their coop (which, to be fair, has a decent-sized yard attached) until it was warm enough for their little flat feet to wander the yard.

Let’s talk turkey…specifically Thanksgiving.

I have a dilemma – I may or may not have a house full for the holiday. My go-to is usually to cook over the weekend and share photos and recipes of anything new that I tried. Then Thanksgiving is either quiet or I head out somewhere, usually with a Cranberry Upside-down Cake in hand.

Because of travel and work issues (I have several family members in healthcare – so you know their best-laid plans can be upended in a moment) we are playing Thursday by ear. I can whip up a holiday meal with a day’s notice, so I’m not worried about any of it.

I found an interesting recipe for a spatchcocked turkey that I want to try, but not excited to experiment on unsuspecting guests. I’m going to go shopping today and hoping I can find two small turkeys. Then I can cook one over the weekend and have the other on hand for either the big day or a few months from now.  Then this weekend I can try the new recipe and document it if it turns out well. Or we can all have a good laugh if it doesn’t.

But all this means that I’m probably not going to go all out on various recipes before the holiday – but I will post a menu and links to the various recipes sometime this weekend and give you all a place to share your favorite recipes – maybe someone will find a new favorite to try.

I love reading your family favorites…and I’m thinking this year we share some blunders that have become family lore. Those are always fun – in hindsight.

This…is an open thread.



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