Late Night Open Thread

Not to bring the mood down from the Kindness post, but I figure y’all need something to talk about, since today was pretty newsworthy.

Open thread

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Acts Of Kindness: Pups, Bugs and Plants

Anne Laurie sent me this tweet thread, with a note asking if it was okay to keep sending this stuff. I was crying by the end of this thread, so I replied to her email with, “sure.”  LOL

I’m now following her because in the replies, folks are working hard to find who this wonderful gentleman is…there are some promising candidates. If you have a chance, the replies in the thread are just as inspiring, many folks have had life-changing encounters at a young age that set them on their career paths.

A plant lounge – brilliant!

Well, now I’m inspired…

And obligatory puppy pics:

Acts Of Kindness: Pups, Bugs and Plants

Just for perspective – I can palm a basketball and here is Bixby’s paw at a year (!). She sounds like a little kid wearing her daddy’s slippers walking down the hall. I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into here.

She’s 15 weeks old and I wish I could tell you that she’s anything but sweet, kind and always trying to please, but I can’t. She’s dangerous…because I KNOW that Great Dane puppies are a handful and she makes me feel like I could handle a houseful. I’m avoiding all rescue sites until sanity is restored.

Acts Of Kindness: Pups, Bugs and Plants 1


More sleeping puppies here – it takes a lot of energy to grow a puppy to Great Dane size.

I am really enjoying the Acts of Kindness you guys have been sending me. My plan is to post two in each Wednesday post. So keep them coming. I reply with a “thank you” to each one, so if you didn’t get a reply email, try again.



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Acts Of Kindness: A Hero and A Fox

We seem to have enough interest to try it. I’ve two stories tonight, I have a file of several y’all have sent me. So we’re a go for a few weeks, at least. I decided in my schedule, late Wednesday works best – so you’ll have a good news story to end your day or to begin your day, depending on when you want to check it out.

Tonight we have a hero rescuing a little girl and the joyful follow-up of going home from the hospital and a local musician and his favorite audience ever, a neighborhood fox.

The situation could have been much worse if a good Samaritan hadn’t rushed to help when she saw the incident unfold before her eyes.

Acts Of Kindness: Heroes and Foxes

Dusti Talavera (credit: CBS)

“I was looking out my window, and saw the kids to fall in,” said Dusti Talavera, who lives at the Addison at Cherry Creek apartments. “Before I realized it, I was on the pond pulling the two kids out, and that’s when I fell in the pond for the third kid.”

She recalled her story at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office on Monday afternoon in a press conference. Talavera told CBS4’s Mekialaya White she acted immediately, not hesitating to put on her shoes and run outside to help the kids. She attempted to rescue them in water 15-feet deep.

“I knew it was me. It had to be me,” said Talavera.

Two of the kids made it out safely and unharmed. However, once Talavera was able to bring the 6 year old up to the surface and onto the sidewalk, she wasn’t breathing. She also had no pulse and was cold to the touch with soaked clothes.

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy David Rodriguez removed her coat and immediately began chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Also assisting in life-saving CPR were Deputy Blaine Moulton and Deputy Justin Dillard. This continued until South Metro Fire Rescue arrived at took-over life-saving measures.


Full story on the musician and his fox:

(Twitter link here)

And here is your weekly puppy. Her 14-week photos are here if you need more puppy fix.

Acts Of Kindness: Heroes and Foxes 1

They look so innocent here, don’t they? Don’t let them fool you...this is where I found Trixie this morning.

You have probably already figured out I decided to do these posts for my own mental health. And it’s already working. I feel better.

The caveat is, for this to continue, much like Anne Laurie’s garden posts, I’ll need your submissions. So email me at or whats4dinnersolutions (at) live (dot) com


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