Avira Joins Norton 360 In Adding a Crypto Miner To Its Products

Last week, security researcher Brian Krebs reported that Norton 360, one of the most popular antivirus products on the market, has installed a cryptocurrency mining program on its customers' computers. Well, it appears that Avira antivirus, which has built a base of 500 million users worldwide, is doing the same. Krebs on Security reports: Like Norton 360, Avira comes with a cryptominer already installed, but customers have to opt in to using the service that powers it. Avira's FAQ on its cryptomining service is somewhat sparse. For example, it doesn't specify how much NortonLifeLock gets out of the deal (NortonLifeLock keeps 15 percent of any cryptocurrency mined by Norton Crypto). "Avira Crypto allows you to use your computer's idle time to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH)," the FAQ explains. "Since cryptomining requires a high level of processing power, it is not suitable for users with an average computer. Even with compatible hardware, mining cryptocurrencies on your own can be less rewarding. Your best option is to join a mining pool that shares their computer power to improve their chance of mining cryptocurrency. The rewards are then distributed evenly to all members in the pool."

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