Biden’s Cyber Leaders Go To Silicon Valley for More Help Fighting Hackers

Senior Biden administration officials met in Silicon Valley on Monday with key technology and cybersecurity companies as part of a push for more help from the private sector in fending off increasingly aggressive hackers working for adversarial regimes and criminal gangs. From a report: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, National Cyber Director Chris Inglis and other officials met with executives from 13 companies, including Google, networking vendor Juniper Networks and security firm Mandiant. Their aim was to deepen relationships between government and industry that security professionals see as vital for protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. The government already has strong relationships with some companies, such as Microsoft, that routinely warn officials about cyberattacks and help neutralize them. But Monday's meeting is part of a charm offensive aimed at growing the ranks of the government's industry allies and improving how efficiently they work together. These partnerships could offer the Biden administration a new weapon against ransomware -- one that doesn't rely on cooperation from Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose nation shelters many ransomware operators and with whom Biden is set to discuss cyber and other issues on Tuesday.

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