Birb And Breakfast

Had a very busy day. Gerald and I cleaned and organized the basement and threw out a bunch of stuff and put “FREE” signs on them so people will get them out of my life, discovered a couple places on the foundation that need a new coat of drylock, discovered the new furnace is leaking water so we called them up to have them come back and fix that, and so on. Also on the agenda was finalizing the Birb and Breakfast accommodations for my feathered friends on the back deck.

We have secured a heated bird bath to the corner of the deck, and now have a combination bird feeder with suet dispensers to the rail next to it, and now have a nice little bird house, a place to eat, and a spa. I am very excited about this and think I am going to install a camera to the pergola to monitor it and provide a live feed. I just need to find a cheap reliable camera and figure out how to network it.

The news is depressing and I am not looking at it until tomorrow because I am a fucking adult and that is how I deal with things.

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