Classics III

Beautiful girl! Artwork by Avalune.

Well, here’s your next installment of classics.

All Internet Traditions
I’m Probably Going to Hell for This

The PayPal Ordeal
PayPal Is Pissing Me Off
The Helpful People at PayPal
PayPal Is the Worst Company In the World
Day 76 of PayPal’s Reign of Error
A Human at PayPal At Last!

Gravatar Sunday (Chaos Reigns)
Oh My God, Gravatars
Okay, Now You Can Comment
Open Thread (Part 3)
The Gravatars Are Gone

The Story of Walter
I Found a Dog
Walter Gets a Name
Walter’s New Home
Walter Loves His Kids & More
RIP, Walter

Big Wings for a Big Cat
You Guys are the Best
Almost $12,000
I’m Off To Bed

I just read The Legend of Shitmas and can’t stop laughing.

I hope the Gravatar posts are as fun as they were the first time around.  That was a Sunday never to be forgotten.  We all woke up just like any other day, only a new site was rolled out and it included gravatars for everyone, that was a wild ride while it lasted.  Which wasn’t all that long because they were gone by nightfall. I wonder if it’s as funny when you can’t see the gravatars?

Jimmm, Ruckus and Mary G, I looked yours up as requested earlier, so if you comment in this thread I will add them.

I’ll look up first posts for another 7 BJ peeps, first come, first served!

Open thread.

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