Could GDPR Policy Erase Your Games? It Happened To an Ubisoft Customer

If you haven't used your Ubisoft account in a while, there's a chance the game publisher might nuke your account for being inactive -- that's the reality one gamer said he discovered after stepping away from PC gaming for more than a year. From a report: "In 2020, I sold my PC because I was gaming way too much and it went a bit over the healthy way of doing it. I made a choice to work and attend school," a Norwegian gamer named Tor, who wished to be identified only by his first name, told PCWorld. He sold off his Core i7 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti machine, and began relying on his phone as his only piece of technology. But by the summer of 2021, Tor decided to get back into gaming, so he purchased a new gaming PC, only to discover he was unable to log into his Ubisoft account. Tor told PCWorld he was able to reset the password, but eventually learned the account had been closed, taking several hundred dollars of purchased games with it. All Ubisoft titles from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege series to Assassins' Creed and more were gone. But none of the other services he uses had been cut off. Only Ubisoft disappeared, he said. Ubi officials, however, flatly insist whatever happened in Tor's case isn't normal and that it has never deleted any account that hasn't been logged into in less than four years. The company also says any account that has a purchased game tied to it, would also not be up for closure at all. Despite what the company says though, Tor insists his account and games are gone. "Ubisoft told me they can't recover it. It's deleted, permanently locked," he said.

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