COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Friday / Saturday, Nov. 12-13

No… kidding, Sherlock:

The rate at which fully vaccinated residents are getting the shots is highest in the states that also have high rates of new coronavirus cases, including Alaska, North Dakota and Montana, according to a review of state data by The Washington Post. In swaths of the country where health officials will not impose mask and vaccine mandates to curb the virus’s spread, or have had their powers stripped away by Republican state lawmakers or governors, boosters are one of the few shields left for those worried about contracting and spreading the virus.

“It’s really become impossible for local public health authorities to implement any sort of social distancing measures that could help slow down the spread,” said Matt Kelley, CEO of the Montana Public Health Institute. “Getting that booster shot is one of the few tangible things that you can do to protect yourself.”…

Biden administration officials have hailed a recent uptick in daily vaccinations, which is fueled almost entirely by boosters and newly eligible children.

About 5.5 million people received boosters last week, accounting for 59 percent of shots into arms and double the number of those receiving their first doses. A majority of boosters went to people aged 65 and up. Virtually all of the first doses went to children, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…


The Winter Games proper don’t begin till February…

Russia on Saturday reported a new record one-day death toll of 1,241 from COVID-19 as well as 39,256 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.

Most of Russia’s 80-plus regions lifted a week-long workplace shutdown at the beginning of the week that was designed to curb a surge in case numbers.



It’s seldom just vaxx-denialism:

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