COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Sunday / Monday, Dec. 19-20

I usually admire Nuzzi’s skills, but as a professional assassin, she should be better at recognizing a warning shot!

This is a note attached to the arrow that just thunked into the miscreants’ front door — GET SMARTER OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES…


… In the western state of Gujarat, a municipal corporation offered a litre of cooking oil to vaccine takers and found that it worked well, especially among the less well-off.

In the capital, Delhi, having vaccinated parents could boost a child’s chance to get into a good pre-school, a notoriously difficult task…

On 23 November, a local official in the central state of Madhya Pradesh announced a 10% discount on alcohol for people who had received both vaccine doses.

A day later, the order was withdrawn after a lawmaker from the governing Bharatiya Janata Party pointed out it could encourage alcohol consumption…

As the medical system is strained by a surge in new daily infections and serious cases, authorities restored tougher social distancing rules this week, just 1-1/2 months after having relaxed them in a policy of ‘living with COVID-19’.

“Over the past year, we have prepared for an increase in patients by nearly doubling the number of coronavirus treatment beds and expanding home treatment, but it was not enough,” Moon’s spokesperson, Park Kyung-mee, quoted him as saying.

Over the weekend, the occupancy rate of beds in intensive care for COVID-19 patients stood at nearly 88% in Seoul, and more than 79% for the country as a whole, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said…

The KDCA reported 5,318 infections and 54 deaths by midnight on Sunday, for a total of 570,414 cases and 4,776 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

The tally of serious cases stood at 997, just off Sunday’s all-time high of 1,025.



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