COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Tuesday / Wednesday, Dec. 21-22

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… Under the vaccinated travel lane (VTL) programme, Singapore allows quarantine-free entry for fully vaccinated travellers arriving from certain countries on designated flights or buses. The travellers have to undergo regular testing.

About two dozen countries are listed in the programme including Australia, India, Malaysia, Britain and the United States.

But no new tickets would be issued for people hoping to arrive from any of those countries from Thursday to Jan. 20, the government said on Wednesday…


Israel, like America, has a stubborn minority of anti-vaxxers who are making things more difficult for everybody:


While we’re asking Santa for presents…

The nasal spray uses the cheap drug heparin in an attempt to neutralise Covid’s spike protein.

When sprayed into the nose of a Covid-infected person it appears to make them non-infectious, the researchers say.

The trial will not conclude until mid-2022. If effective, it could be used with vaccines and other measures.

Researchers hope the spray could help both as an early treatment and as a nasal mask to stop the virus spreading.

It could be applied “anywhere where you mix with the public in a crowded situation”, lead researcher Prof Don Campbell told the BBC.

“For people like me who are afraid of Covid, the idea that I might take a squirt before I go shopping or to the football is going make to feel a heck of a lot less anxious. It’s a tool that gives me control.”…


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