COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Tuesday / Wednesday, Nov. 16-17



Not good news — but, from the thread / replies, it’s not clear the virus particles remain infectious, at least for otherwise healthy individuals who aren’t repeatedly exposed:


(Firearm) deer season in Michigan began Monday — the state seems to be warning hunters to test carcasses for Chronic Wasting Disease, but not — so far — coronavirus.

Amazon has reached a legal settlement in California over claims it failed to adequately inform its warehouse workers about Covid-19 cases in the workplace…

California’s attorney general said workers had been left “terrified and powerless”.

Amazon said the law did not require it to share total numbers of cases with staff, but it had now started to do so.

It is the first application of the state’s “right to know” rules that require employers to keep staff notified.

The legislation requires firms to inform workers promptly of potential Covid exposures at their work sites, to tell them about pandemic-related protections, benefits, disinfection and safety plans, and to report cases to local health agencies.

Amazon spokeswoman Barbara Grait said the company had not broken the law, and had always notified workers of any exposure to cases of the virus and done contract tracing.

“The California law doesn’t specify we had to give numbers in those notifications,” she said. However the firm was now providing that information within 24 hours for staff at its California sites…

The agreement applies only to California, where Amazon employs around 150,000 workers, and must still be approved by a judge.

However, the firm has been criticised over its policies elsewhere and is also facing legal action in New York over safety at two of its fulfilment centres there.

Amazon said there was no change required to the way it notified its workers if they had been in close contact with a Covid case. The firm said the issue was around the structure of bulk employee Covid-related notifications…

One way to persuade the ‘young immortals’ into getting vaccinated?

Don’t panic — but do advocate for strong public health funding:

According to officials, the resident recently returned from Nigeria and is experiencing mild symptoms. The individual is currently recovering in isolation and was not hospitalized…

“Public health authorities have identified and continue to follow up with those who may have been in contact with the diagnosed individual,“ said MDH Deputy Secretary for Public Health Dr. Jinlene Chan. “Our response in close coordination with CDC officials demonstrates the importance of maintaining a strong public health infrastructure.”

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