COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates: Wednesday / Thursday, Jan. 5-6

Thread of scary numbers, from an expert who isn’t a doom-poster:


More cities in central China’s Henan province imposed COVID restrictions as infections there rose sharply, while authorities in the northwestern city of Xian apologised on Thursday to a woman whose miscarriage during lockdown stirred public outrage.

Henan reported 64 domestically transmitted infections with confirmed symptoms for Wednesday, up from just four a day earlier, official data showed on Thursday.

While those numbers are small by global standards, and no cases of the highly transmissible Omicron variant have been reported so far in Henan, several cities there imposed new limits on travel and other activities in response…

Nearly all of the more than 4 million residents of Xuchang in Henan province, meanwhile, were to be tested for COVID-19 on Thursday and Friday and movement of people was to be minimised, while the 1 million residents of Yuzhou city, under Xuchang’s juridiction, were in lockdown.

Mainland China has only announced a handful of Omicron cases from international travellers and at least one locally transmitted infection, but it has intensified efforts to reduce the risk of the variant being brought from overseas.,,

International passenger flights into Xian’s airport were halted from Wednesday, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday. Domestic passenger flights had already been suspended.

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Note: ‘Flurona’ just means you’ve been unlucky enough to contract two different infections at the same time. Ignore the fringe speculation about a ‘superbug’ that somehow combines the two viruses, because that’s hardly biologically possible:


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