CVS Will Stop Filling Controlled-Substance Prescriptions for Cerebral, Done

CVS Health will stop filling prescriptions for controlled substances ordered by clinicians working for telehealth startups Cerebral and Done Health starting Thursday, a move that will impact thousands of patients. From a report: A CVS spokesman confirmed the change in a statement, citing concerns CVS has with the two companies following a review it conducted. Cerebral had earlier disclosed the change in a statement to The Wall Street Journal. Cerebral called CVS's decision unfortunate, adding that it was "doing everything possible to ensure these patients get access to medications that their healthcare providers have determined they need." Some pharmacies had already blocked or delayed certain prescriptions from Cerebral and Done prescribers over concerns that clinicians were writing too many stimulant prescriptions, The Journal reported in April. Cerebral had said prescription delays occurred because of confusion around telehealth policies. Done declined to comment at the time. Cerebral and Done between them treat tens of thousands of patients for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, prescribing stimulants such as Adderall. Psychiatrists say stimulants can have significant benefits for people properly diagnosed with ADHD. But they are classified as schedule 2 controlled substances by the federal government due to their potential for abuse, the same category as OxyContin and Vicodin. Cerebral and Done grew very quickly from the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, attracting patients with social-media ads that offered an ADHD diagnosis and prescriptions to treat the condition. Previously, clinicians were prohibited from prescribing stimulants without an in-person visit. The U.S. relaxed those rules in March 2020 for all schedule 2 substances due to the coronavirus public-health emergency.

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