Do You Know Enough About Jesus Christ To Pass This Quiz? Tabs, Mon., Dec. 27, 2021

Weird Omicron science. (Donald McNeil medium post)

Das MTA Boot. (Alex Pareene substack) The MTA inspector general report on the MTA Boat. (MTA IG)

Mike Lindell associate Douglas Frank, a "math teacher," just threatening to shoot elections officials with firing squads if they don't listen to him about his algorithm proving Joe Biden china'ed the 2020 election, it's all good. — Washington Post

Seven minutes from Melissa Block of people just all "wah Trump going to coup us again, waah democracy and Constitution." Pfft.

Food safety in America: If the E. coli doesn't kill you, the lede of this story will. (ProPublica)

That's it, ProPublica literally is trying to kill us. There is no other explanation for this investigation into Arizona's child welfare funding.

Don't Look Up isn't just about climate change, COVID, or a female Palintrump. It's about other stuff too! — Mother Jones

A visual guide to this year's weather! (Grist)

Lot going on here, Daily Mail.

Heartwarming moment 7-year-old seriously injured by Missouri tornado which killed her sister squeals with delight as she receives boxes of Christmas gifts from Donald and Melania Trump.

The Biden administration needs to expend more energy on making truck driving jobs suck less. (The American Prospect)

Pope Francis celebrated Christmas with a "public browbeating" telling the cardinals to stop being dicks. (AP)

How to convert muffin recipes to loaf pans and vice versa. You could have looked this up yourself, but these are MY TABS, what I GOT OPEN. (Spruce Eats)

How to fix a leaking toilet. — This Old House

The language of flowers. — Almanac

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