Finding Out (Open Thread)

The trial of the three goons who killed Ahmaud Arbery is wrapping up. I hadn’t followed live coverage of it until today, when I caught prosecutor Linda Dunikoski’s rebuttal to closing defense arguments. I thought she did an outstanding job of vaporizing the bullshit the defense threw out there. It sounds like the jury will start deliberations later today. Here’s hoping justice is served.

In the meantime, let’s catch up with what some of the insurrectionists who fucked around in the U.S. Capitol on January 6th are now finding out.

First up, the plea hearing for beanie-wearing Floridian Adam Johnson, who was photographed cheerily waving as he carried Speaker Pelosi’s lectern in the Rotunda:

A federal judge took aim at former President Donald Trump on Monday for lying about voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, saying that former Vice President Al Gore had a better standing to challenge the 2000 election results but that he was “a man” and walked away.

“Al Gore had a better case to argue than Mr. Trump, but he was a man about what happened to him,” Senior District Judge Reggie Walton said of Gore’s decision to end his presidential bid following weeks of legal battles. “He accepted it and walked away.”

“What concerns me, sir, is that you were gullible enough to come to Washington, DC, from Florida based on a lie,” Walton said, “and the person who inspired you to do what you do is still making those statements, and my concern is that you are gullible enough to do it again.”

That’s my concern too. Let’s hope the eventual sentence is stiff enough to deter Johnson and other idiots from further attempted insurrections.

Last Friday, another judge called out the liar who wound these gullible assholes up and set them goosestepping toward the Capitol:

US District Judge Amit Mehta didn’t use Trump’s name, but repeatedly referred to “an elected official” who called on people to come to Washington, DC, and told them to walk to the Capitol. In some of the strongest language from the bench so far denouncing the role that Trump and his allies played in stoking voter fraud conspiracy theories, Mehta said that the man he was preparing to sentence for illegally going into the Capitol, John Lolos, was “a pawn in a game that’s played and directed by people who should know better.”

“People like Mr. Lolos were told lies and falsehoods and told that an election was stolen when it clearly was not,” Mehta said. “Regrettably, people like Mr. Lolos for whatever reason [it’s because they’re hateful and stupid — ed.] are impressionable and will believe such falsehoods and such lies … and they are the ones who are suffering the consequences.”

Lolos had pleaded guilty to one count of illegally parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the US Capitol, a class-B misdemeanor that carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail. Mehta sentenced him to 14 days behind bars — less than the 30-day incarceration that the prosecutor argued for, but more than the sentence of probation that Lolos requested. Lolos will get credit for the two days he already served in jail after his arrest.

Good for the judge for calling Trump out, but thumbs-down for the extremely light sentence. I hope Mehta isn’t as lenient when the Florida Oath Keeper goons who are on his docket eventually arrive for sentencing.

Also on Friday, Indiana resident Mark Mazza was arrested and charged in the riot after the FBI built a case against him for “illegal possession of a firearm on Capitol grounds, civil disorder, and assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers with a dangerous weapon after police recovered his gun from Capitol grounds and video footage showed him swinging a baton at police,” according to The Indiana Star. Yesterday, TPM reported that Mazza was fixated on Nancy Pelosi:

During the interview, Mazza mentioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), saying he “never did get to talk to Nancy … I thought Nan and I would hit it off.”

“And I was glad I didn’t because you’d be here for another reason,” Mazza added.

Then he insisted he wasn’t violent.

“I’m nonviolent,” Mazza said. “I’m a patriot, and it pisses me off to see where we’re at.”

Mazza told his kids, “I may go down as a hero,” but he’s now being held without bond. Here’s hoping he finds out what a maximum sentence for the above charges looks like.

Open thread.


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