Four Directions Michigan: Halfway There!

Multiple people asked me to re-post about the fundraising in a post this evening.

With our early money, this nearly top 10,000 blog will be influencing Nov 2022 outcomes in 4 key states: Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and now Michigan. FOUR DIRECTIONS has secured at 1.5 match for us, and I am trusting their ability to secure the full double-match.
On Wisconsin!


Our fundraising goal this year is to do our part to ensure that we win elections in key states with margins that make them too big to steal.  Margins so big that the legislatures don’t dare to subvert the will of the people and overturn the results.  And to form relationships and build the groundwork for wining state legislatures, the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2024.

At stake in Michigan in November 2022:

  • All 4 elected executive offices in Michigan (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Lt. Gov.)
  • Control of the (currently) hard-line rabid Michigan State Legislature (House and Senate)
  • Two Michigan Supreme Court Seats
  • Control of the US House of Representatives

H.E. Wolf reminds us of some things that OJ Semans said last night (co-founder of Four Directions):

Whenever we [4 Directions] are involved in an election cycle, the Native American turnout is almost always historically high.

We don’t bring in outsiders – we hire (lots of) local tribal members, and train & supervise them.

Unemployment is high, especially on the reservations, so by paying our local organizers we put food on the table.

It takes time, it takes messaging, and it takes media to get the message out.

When people see that others are fighting for the right to vote, it is motivating to them.

It’s real simple ’cause it’s the truth – and the truth will take you a long ways.

We are currently on Angel match #3 – a $2,500 match! – from Andrew who mostly lurks but sometimes comments.

Now beginning Angel Match #4 of $1,000!

As soon as we finish whatever angel match that brings the thermometer to $15,000, we will have TWO $1,000 angel matches running concurrently.  (RaflW and another anonymous donor)  Example:

A $25 donation turns into:  $25 (you) + $25 (Angel A) + $25 (Angel B) = $75 + $150 (external double-match) = $225.

A $50 donation turns into:  $50 (you) + $50 (Angel A) + $50 (Angel B) = $150 + $300 (external double-match) = $450.

Remember: when we start a new angel match, up to $50 of any donation can be matched, even if a previous donation was matched by a different BJ angel.  Read the fine print for matching in the first comments in the post.

One last thing:

John always likes me to remind people that no one should ever feel obligated to donate in response to any fundraising request here, whether it’s for political fundraising or to support the Balloon Juice site. Everyone is part of the Balloon Juice community, donations or no donations!

Four Directions

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