Four Directions Native Vote – Angel Match #8 – New Rules for the Home Stretch

As I type this, the thermometer says $24,835.  Just $165 more is needed to get the thermometer to $25,000!  The train is indeed speeding toward the station.

But Gravenstone, aka Balloon Juice Angel #8, has $583 of match money left, so if you still have money to chip in, we have some new rules for the home stretch!

Balloon Juice Angel #8 will match donations of any amount until the $583 of his remaining match money has been met.  The only detail is that you need to tell us your donation amount in the comments.

Double-Match Fundraising

Goal Thermometer

Like a train speeding toward it’s destination, Balloon Juice has proven in the past couple of years to be an unstoppable force in our fundraising efforts to turn back the tide in this country, as we fight for ourselves, for our country, for our loved ones, fight to give help give voice to people who many others want to have no voice at all.

Whether you had just one dollar to contribute, or a whole lot more dollars than that, whether you posted the thermometer link in your twitter feed, whether you encouraged this effort in your comments… we are not giving up, we are fighting for the world we want to have, and we are doing it in our own unique way.

Along those lines, here’s a great train song sung by 3 very different voices. I like to think that Steve Goodman, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger and others would be proud of our efforts.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in this effort to help give a voice to Native people.  In Georgia.  In Arizona. In Wisconsin.

Now let’s spend the last $583 of Gravenstone’s match, shall we?




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