France Latest To Slap Clearview AI With Order To Delete Data

Controversial facial recognition company, Clearview AI, which has amassed a database of some 10 billion images by scraping selfies off the Internet so it can sell an identity-matching service to law enforcement, has been hit with another order to delete people's data. From a report: France's privacy watchdog said today that Clearview has breached Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In an announcement of the breach finding, the CNIL also gives Clearview formal notice to stop its "unlawful processing" and says it must delete user data within two months. The watchdog is acting on complaints against Clearview received since May 2020. The US company does not have an established base in the EU -- meaning its business is open to regulatory action across the EU, by any of the bloc's data protection supervisors. So while the CNIL's order only applies to data it holds on people from French territories -- which the CNIL estimates covers "several" tens of millions of Internet users -- more such orders are likely from other EU agencies.

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