Friday Night Open Thread

I was just downstairs watching a little tv and browsing the internet looking for a good, cheapo, and reliable heated bird bath, when I got a little chilly and decided to come up and grab my bathrobe and slippers. On my way up, I stopped by the stand with the dental stick doggy chews, yelled “WHO WANTS A TREAT,” and then grabbed three and threw one to Thurston, one to Lily, and then stood there for a second before I remembered there was no Rosie. I was sad for a moment and put the treat away and came upstairs.

I’ve been watching the Mare of Easttown the last few days, and am taking a break before the final episode, and my little treat incident made me think of the titular character, played by Kate Winslet, whose son committed suicide. And I guess I just don’t know how a parent who loses a child in any way ever gets over it. I just don’t.

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