FTC Warns of Legal Action Against Organizations That Fail To Patch Log4j Flaw

U.S. organizations that fail to secure customer data against Log4Shell, a zero-day vulnerability in the widely-used Log4j Java logging library, could face legal repercussions, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned. From a report: In an alert this week, the consumer protection agency warned that the "serious" flaw, first discovered in December, is being exploited by a growing number of attackers and poses a "severe risk" to millions of consumer products. The public letter urges organizations to mitigate the vulnerability in order to reduce the likelihood of harm to consumers and to avoid potential legal action. "When vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited, it risks a loss or breach of personal information, financial loss and other irreversible harms," the agency said. "The duty to take reasonable steps to mitigate known software vulnerabilities implicates laws including, among others, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act. It is critical that companies and their vendors relying on Log4j act now, in order to reduce the likelihood of harm to consumers, and to avoid FTC legal action."

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