GoodWill Ransomware Forces Victims To Donate To the Poor

New submitter Grokew writes: "GoodWill ransomware group propagates very unusual demands in exchange for the decryption key," reports CloudSEK. "The Robin Hood-like group is forcing its victims to donate to the poor and provides financial assistance to the patients in need." ["Once infected, the GoodWill ransomware worm encrypts documents, photos, videos, databases, and other important files and renders them inaccessible without the decryption key," reports CloudSEK.] In order for the victims to obtain the decryption keys, they must provide proof of donating to the homeless, sharing a meal with the less fortunate, and pay a debt of someone who can't afford it. [The decryption kit includes the main decryption tool, password file and a video tutorial on how to recover all important files. It's only given to infected users after the three activities are verified by the ransomware operators, who appear to be operating out of India.]

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