Great Jamaican Bake-Off

Showing off my first ever challah loaves. I can make cupcakes and cookies just fine, but bread is really a hit or miss thing for me. Especially a nice soft bread like the big C. But, hope springs eternal for me. I found this simple recipe on Food. com and followed the recipe closely. Sorta. Half whole wheat and I used brown sugar.

I also figured out my bacon jam recipe for this year. The right stout is critical. So… guess I better mix up the main batch and get the kosher/halal & vegan versions together for shipping. Plus I have a ton of mini-Jamaican Black Cakes to make before I drink myself to death eating rum infused dried fruit. Suddenly raisins taste good to me! Better put it in a cake. How’s your Christmas cookery going? Open food & fun thread.

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