Friends, Wonkers, citoyennes, that is the feminine plural of citoyen but also I just like it better, it is the last Wonkette moneybeg of the year! How have we done this year? We've done fine, thank you for asking! Of your own free will, with no paywall or ads forcing your hand just your own finely developed guilt, fairness, team play, and shame — please thank for me your priest or rabbi and also your mom! — you've paid us enough to pay a living wage, a four-day workweek, fat-ass bennies AND/OR a reasonable freelance rate but always fuckin' on time to Robyn and SER and Dok and Evan and Liz and Jamie and Michael and A BARTENDER! and sometimes Erik Loomis and always Shy and me.

We thank you for everything: for money, which we like, and for the nice notes you send us that are nice and that, when things are dreadful, mean a FUCKIN LOT, and for being our friends. We thank you for keeping our mommyblog dick joke emporium going forever, because something something Emma Goldman quote, *disco dances around the living room*: OW MY HIP!

We love you. We're not kidding about my hip. Click the clickie, if you are able! Then choose an amount, whether it's a one time donation or recurring, and whether you're a Stripe or a Paypal. Or send money in the mail to Wonkette, PO Box 361, Polson MT 59860. Don't forget we're shutting down the Wonkette Bazaar right after Christmas for up through possibly the whole first half of 2022, so get on your Bazaar needs soonest! Or to comment your love for us and how you already donate but you did it again (that's right, I know you like God knows the hairs on your head also something about sparrows) click on the headline, and we'll see you on the flip.

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