Hodgepodge, Mishmash or Smorgasbord?

Hodgepodge, Mishmash or Smorgasbord?  Whatever you call it, this post is it.

The long list of Balloon Juice 20th Anniversary links has been moved to a separate page, and I have added a single link to replace it.  Just below that, I also added a link to all 20th anniversary posts this week. All the front-pager anniversary posts were a treat, and I was especially happy to see the post from Tim F.  Hoping we’ll see something from Soonergrunt soon!

If you listened to DougJ interview Cole for the anniversary, you might be happy to know that there is talk of DougJ possibly interviewing other people of interest every 2 to 4 weeks.

The Adam Schiff Midnight in Washington book club starts this week.  If you’re one of the 70 people who have not let me know whether you plan to attend by zoom or just participate in the Bj threads, please send me email ASAP.  Please include your nym, “zoom or thread”, and something in the title to alert me that you are writing about the book club.

I have added something new to the sidebar:  Balloon Juice Events.  Lots going on this week.  These are the things that I’m aware of, are there others?

1/11  Four Directions Q&A Post 7:30
1/12  Adam Schiff Book Club 8pm
1/13  Four Directions Zoom 7:30
1/19  Adam Schiff Book Club 8pm

I also added Twitter Links in the sidebar, with links to Cole, DougJ (NYT Pitchbot) and Betty Cracker in the sidebar.  Do other front-pagers tweet?  I do not know, but I bet you guys will tell me.

This Tuesday, Jan 11 at 7:30, Four Directions will join us for a Q & A post where OJ, Lewis and Bret (the political director) will be here to tell us what they have been up to and answer any questions we might have.

This Wednesday, Jan 12 at 8 pm, we have the first Midnight in Washington book club meeting.  Zoom and BJ thread.  All the details can be found at this link in the sidebar:   Midnight In Washington Book Club

This Thursday, Jan 13 at 7:30, Four Directions will join us for a Q & A zoom.  Same details as Tuesday, only by zoom.  Send me email if you want to attend the zoom and I will reply with the link.

I know I dropped a few balls in the fall, maybe even dropped a few in the summer; please don’t take it personally if your ball was dropped.  So if you are waiting for a response from me, or you were waiting and have given up, please let me know in this thread or by email.  If you asked for your author information to be updated, or we talked about an Authors in Our Midst post but I haven’t put it up yet, if we talked about a pet post or a post on a particular subject, or anything else, jump in.  Letting me know will allow me to start the year guilt-free, so you will be doing me a favor!

In a week or so you’ll see a follow-up post to tell you about what the You Have Agency / Taking Action / Join the Fight peeps from Balloon Juice have been up to since we first started the pilot groups a few months ago.  And we’ll be asking for help from more of you, so if you’re looking for another way to make a difference in 2022, this may be it.

In February, Voces de la Frontera will be joining us for a Q&A thread and a separate Q&A zoom to tell us what they are up to and what they are able to do with the field organizer position that we funded (along with the match donor).

Two balloon juice angels (!) have contacted me to offer matches for the Four Directions Michigan fundraising that is coming up.  Four Directions is working on a double-match for us, fingers crossed.

What did I miss?  If there’s something that belongs in this list that i haven’t mentioned, you can jump in with that, too.

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