How About Some Good News? I’ll Start!

If We Were All in Florida, and There was No Covid, How Would We Celebrate Betty's Birthday?

It’s a tough day out there!

I’m not denying that this is a rough day, and I have been feeling sick to my stomach with worry and anxiety.  But that doesn’t help a thing.

How about some good news to remind us that it’s not hopeless, that there’s more good than bad out there, and that there’s always something we can do to make a difference?

So pull up a chair at the tiki bar and let’s celebrate the fact that the extra $5,000 we raised for Four Directions Wisconsin has indeed been double matched – turning our extra $5k into an extra $15,000.  

That’s $90,000 for organizing the Native vote in Wisconsin.

We did that!

And we have a jackal getting married today – VeniceRiley.  That’s definitely worth celebrating!

What else good is going on?

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