HPE Says Aruba Customer Data Compromised After Data Breach

HPE has confirmed that a "limited subset" of customer data was taken in a data breach involving its subsidiary Aruba Networks, a maker of networking equipment. From a report: The enterprise technology giant said in a statement that an unauthorized person used a private key to gain access to customer data stored in its Aruba Central cloud. HPE did not say how the hacker obtained the private key, but said the key allowed access to cloud servers in multiple regions where customer data was stored. HPE bought Aruba Networks in 2015 for $3 billion in cash. Aruba provides networking gear, like wireless access points, and network security for companies. Through its dashboard, Aruba Central, companies can centrally monitor and manage their Wi-Fi networks. It's the Wi-Fi data collected in Aruba Central that HPE said was compromised. HPE said two datasets were exposed: one for network analytics containing information about devices accessing a customer's Wi-Fi network, and a second dataset containing location data about devices on the network.

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