J6C to SCOTUS: Hurry Up!

Trump’s bogus assertion of post-presidential executive privilege to shield White House documents from the January 6th select committee was shot down by an appeals court on December 9th. Yesterday, in a last-ditch effort to keep the documents secret, Trump went running to a US Supreme Court he personally stocked with what he thinks are three personal stooges. WaPo:

“President Trump is more than an ordinary citizen,” [future disgraced Trump lawyer Jesse R.] Binnall’s filing says. “ … He is one of only five living Americans who, as former Presidents, are granted special authority to make determinations regarding the disclosure of records and communications created during their terms of office.”

Nonsense. I’ll be surprised if even the three awful conservative hacks Trump installed go along with this bullshit charade. Not because they possess a shred of integrity or feel bound to uphold the US Constitution — they don’t. But like virtually all elite establishment Republican hacks, they probably view Trump as an embarrassing though temporarily necessary tool of destiny.

They believe they can safely cast Trump aside now that he fulfilled his purpose by elevating them to their ivory tower positions. I suspect that in their minds, Trump is merely a regrettable footnote in the otherwise unbesmirched biographies of conservative legal titans, so the less said about the crass oaf, the better.

Anyhoo, J6 Committee Chair Rep. Bennie G. Thompson also had a request for the Supremes:

“The Select Committee is investigating a deadly assault on the United States Capitol, the Speaker of the House, the Vice President, and both Chambers of Congress, and a dangerous interruption of Congress’s constitutional duty and the peaceful transfer of power,” House General Counsel Douglas N. Letter wrote.

“Delay would inflict a serious injury on the Select Committee and the public by interfering with this mandate,” he added, suggesting the justices decide by Jan. 14.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Republican justices kick the can down the road a bit. The only thing at stake is the ability of one of three coequal branches of government to protect itself from a despotic attempt to destroy it perpetrated by another coequal branch of government. The Federalist Society hacks on the court would probably find that matter less pressing than a regulation that limits corporate power in some way or a ruling that thwarts the objectives of religious fanatics.

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