Just like Jackie…

In the morning thread, valued commenter Jim, Foolish Literalist drew our attention to a first in U.S. history* — the former escort** who is also a former first lady is hawking a pre-owned hat online:

Just like Jackie...

It is described as “The White Broad-Brimmed, High Blocked Crown Hat”*** that was worn during a state visit with France and will be signed by the Third Lady herself. (Probably with a Sharpie.) Other items to be auctioned include possibly another white hat (or maybe the same one; it’s not altogether clear without clicking through, and fuck that), plus a watercolor by some French guy because why not?

Some commenters speculated the Third Lady may be trying to raise funds to escape The Beast. She’s every bit as horrible as he is, but that doesn’t mean they don’t despise each other, so maybe that’s why she launched Head of State QVC and NFT-grift-o-rama. (Tempted to add “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U?” but that’s been done to death.)

No matter what ultimately becomes of the republic, we’ll always bear the degradation of the Trump grifters’ tacky spectacle and tawdry fingers all over the U.S. presidency. That’s a shame. Still, it’s a nice touch that the Third Lady is hawking these wares on a platform from which her odious husband is still banned.

Open thread!

* As far as I know. 

** No disrespect intended toward escorts. Unless they are Fords. 

*** Why the hyphen between broad-brimmed but not high blocked?

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