KDE-Powering Qt’s New Framework Lets Developers Bring Ads Into Their Apps

"Qt, the framework that powers the KDE desktop, is announcing support for ads in client-side applications," reports Neowin: This means that application developers will now be able to serve ads in traditional desktop applications.... Windows users have been dealing with this in Metro UI apps since Windows 8 and it's something that's never gone over well on the desktop. While it's doubtful you'll see ads in KDE's core applications, it would be possible for distributions that wish to further monetize their work to fork these applications, placing ads in them.... According to the documentation, the advertising plugin supports a variety of platforms. They are as follows: - Windows 10 - Ubuntu 20.04 - Raspbian Buster - macOS - Android 7.0 — iOS "Our offering aims to disrupt the IoT industry," explains Qt's press release, "enabling new business models and business cases that before were not possible." Reactions have been mixed. Comments on Phoronix ranged from calling it "a great way for boost development on KDE" to "Not sure if I like this." Thanks to Slashdot reader segaboy81 for sharing the story

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