Kids Get It, Why Don’t the Adults

Gerald and his wife had some things to do today, including taking his mom to the doctor, so I got to spend the late morning and afternoon with Breyana. I really enjoy our time together because she’s just a generally good hearted kid. I don’t regret not marrying and having kids, but I do really think I would have very much enjoyed having a daughter. They’re just so much more fun than boys.

At any rate, I picked her up and we decided we would go for Mexican for lunch because as I said last night I’m cooked out, and she never gets to eat Mexican unless she is with me because her parents don’t really like it. Side note- I think a solid case could be made that that is child abuse. When I picked her up, she ran out to the car, hopped in, and I immediately barked “seatbelt” and followed up with “where’s your mask.”

She hasn’t been going to school in person so masking has not been a big deal for her, so she said she didn’t have one on her and “besides, I have been vaccinated anyway.” I looked at her and told her that is not the right way to look about it, and then proceeded to explain.

“The thing about masking is it isn’t about you. The masks offer a little bit of protection for you, the person wearing it, but what it really excels at is you not infecting other people. There are people who can not get vaccinated, or people like your grandmom who is currently at the doctor and if they catch this, it will kill them. Even if you are vaccinated, you can still carry the virus. So the way to think about the mask is it’s a minor inconvenience for you, but it is a big gift for everyone around you. I have a bunch of very nice masks sitting on the bench by the door, let’s swing by my house and you can take as many as you want if you promise to wear them when you are out in stores and restaurants and stuff.”

And she said ok, we went to my house and ran in the house giggling, grabbed a bunch of different colored masks, came out, and we went to the Mexican restaurant. We feasted. We went to the grand opening of Aldi’s and looked around and bought some things. Then we went to the public library and returned a book. And she, without complaint or displeasure, put her mask on every single time.

It was that easy. And I hope she continues to wear it when I am not around. Also, she loved Shang-Chi as much as I did.

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