Late Night Open Thread: Fleeing the Titanic

Whatever else you might say about Goldberg or Hayes, they’re both dedicated careerists. Their simultaneous depersoning from the FOXosphere seems, to me, like a potentially hopeful sign. IMO, Tucker Carlson is the contemporary version of Father Coughlin in the 1930s, who was generally considered an unstoppable media force until, suddenly, he wasn’t.

Goldberg and Hayes joined Fox in 2009 as paid contributors, appearing regularly to offer commentary and analysis, but their role in the broader media ecosystem — and their positioning on the network’s ideological spectrum — had changed in the intervening years.

After lengthy careers in conservative media — Goldberg spent 21 years at National Review, and Hayes served as the top editor at the Weekly Standard — they emerged as critics of Donald Trump and found themselves on a small island with other conservative dissenters during his administration. They joined forces in 2019 and started the Dispatch, a digital news and commentary site that approaches national politics from a center-right perspective.

But that willingness to criticize Trump put them at odds with Fox’s prime time stars, who remain largely supportive of the former president as he weighs a possible 2024 campaign. Their recent appearances were mostly limited to straight-news hours, including anchor Bret Baier’s 6 p.m. program…

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