Late Night Open Thread: Go (Away), Team Red

Meijer’s being disingenous (because Chuck Todd is encouraging him):

Meijer, who was one of 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump’s second impeachment following the Capitol attack, said, “There was no alternative. There was no other path.”

He pointed to the party’s pair of losses in the Georgia Senate runoff races and actions taken by President Biden during his first year in office.

“Given how President Biden, when he was elected into office, you know, said he would be moderate and look for bipartisan solutions. But then after, and, frankly, I blame the former president for this, after we lost the two Senate seats in Georgia and the Senate flipped, it became an exercise in trying to be an LBJ- or FDR-style presidency and enact transformational change in the absence of any compelling mandate from the American people to do so,” Meijer said.

“So that gave the rallying signal. That created a very steep divide. And at the end of the day, there’s no other option right now in the Republican Party,” he added…

If the Democrats are gonna use ‘winning more votes, more offices’ as an excuse for actually legislating, what can our poor little minority party *do* but turn to the Grifter King and his terrorist mob?!?

Slava Malamud — Russian immigrant, former sports reporter, current middle-school teacher — has a better take:

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