Late Night Open Thread: TFG, The GOP’s Most Powerful Findom

Financial domination (also known as findom) is a fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, in which a submissive (money slave, finsub, paypig, human ATM, or cash piggy) gives gifts and money to a financial dominant (money mistress, findom/findomme, God/Goddess or money domme).

The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM and d/s relationships, such as erotic humiliation, but there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals. The relationship between the submissive and the dominant may take place solely via online communication, but it is not uncommon for the submissive to accompany the dominant while shopping and paying with the submissive’s money…

Reince Priebus, Ronna Romney McDaniel, ‘Leader’ McConnell — all reduced to cam guys, meekly scurrying to comply as the Great God-Emperor barks Rent me a rally venue! Bulk up my private club memberships! Pay down my legal bills!

And the Gilded Whored MAGAts have one hand down their pants and the other frantically clicking the DONATE button.

Perhaps some of the higher-ranking RNC members were overoptimistic in their interpretation of the old saw: You don’t pay the hooker to get you off; you pay them to go away afterwards.

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