Let Wonkette’s Top Ten Deliver You From The World Of Temptation

What have we got for you this week? Well, I was tempted, because it is the season, to drop Lou Monte's classic "Dominick the Donkey," along with some other, perhaps even more disturbing, examples of canzoni divertenti — I decided against. Probably everyone knows that one by now anyway.

Instead I have decided to be entirely non-festive and bless you instead all with the only commercial Tom Waits ever did. For Purina dog food, Butcher's Blend.

Yes, this is a thing that exists. Enjoy!

Tom Waits commercial www.youtube.com


As dog travels through the envied and often tempting world of man, there’s one thing, above all, that tempts him most…the taste of meat! And that is why Purina makes Butcher’s Blend. Butcher’s Blend is the first dry dog food with three tempting meaty tastes. Beef, liver, ‘n’ bacon. All in one bag. So c’mon, deliver your dog from the world of temptation. The world of Butcher’s Blend. The first dry dog food with three meaty tastes.

(Found on r/ObscureMedia)

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

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3. Parents Of Oxford Shooting Suspect Arrested While Innocently Hanging Out In Detroit Warehouse

2. Madison Cawthorn Pretty Sure Ladies Are Just God's Holy Tupperware


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