Let’s Talk Turkey (and bonus Duckteen video)

The duckteens experienced their first blast of winter and were not too pleased about it. They had to stay in their coop (which, to be fair, has a decent-sized yard attached) until it was warm enough for their little flat feet to wander the yard.

Let’s talk turkey…specifically Thanksgiving.

I have a dilemma – I may or may not have a house full for the holiday. My go-to is usually to cook over the weekend and share photos and recipes of anything new that I tried. Then Thanksgiving is either quiet or I head out somewhere, usually with a Cranberry Upside-down Cake in hand.

Because of travel and work issues (I have several family members in healthcare – so you know their best-laid plans can be upended in a moment) we are playing Thursday by ear. I can whip up a holiday meal with a day’s notice, so I’m not worried about any of it.

I found an interesting recipe for a spatchcocked turkey that I want to try, but not excited to experiment on unsuspecting guests. I’m going to go shopping today and hoping I can find two small turkeys. Then I can cook one over the weekend and have the other on hand for either the big day or a few months from now.  Then this weekend I can try the new recipe and document it if it turns out well. Or we can all have a good laugh if it doesn’t.

But all this means that I’m probably not going to go all out on various recipes before the holiday – but I will post a menu and links to the various recipes sometime this weekend and give you all a place to share your favorite recipes – maybe someone will find a new favorite to try.

I love reading your family favorites…and I’m thinking this year we share some blunders that have become family lore. Those are always fun – in hindsight.

This…is an open thread.



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