Life Imitating Art

There have been a lot of sketches from SNL over the years that have stuck with me, many you all know- More Cowbell, Dick in A Box, Celebrity Jeopardy, Schlitz Gay, and on and on and on. There is one, however, that haunts me, and it is the 1988 Presidential Debate with Dana Carvey as Bush and John Lovitz as Dukakis, and this particular line:

It’s basically, other than a few times during the Obama years, how I have felt since I became a Democrat going on two decades ago. How are we always losing to these fucking idiots?

Mistermix just below provided one example of the ways Democrats hurt themselves, but again, much of that is sabotage by centrists and Republicans. But just right now, amazing things are happening. The stimulus bill, the child tax credit, the infrastructure bill, lowest levels of poverty in ages, hiring through the roof, wages increasing, we’re out of Afghanistan, and so on.

Tons of good things, and yet everyone is telling me we are going to get clobbered in November. It’s just so fucking depressing and I don’t know how to change it.

Side note there are few activities in this world I enjoy more than napping and DST sucks some of the fun out of it because when I take my afternoon nap and wake up it is fucking dark, which is bullshit.

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