Low Energy Morning Thread

Here’s where I’m at on 2024:* It’s better for Democrats if our opponent is the baby-fingered, twice-impeached, two-time popular vote loser. But does the citrus-tinted gasbag have another presidential campaign in him? Maybe not. The Hair Furor comeback tour is getting mixed results.

Elected Republicans are still sucking up. Lindsey Graham, with a remora’s instinct for attaching himself to the strongest apex predator, still has his suction cup firmly affixed to Trump’s flabby orange ass. In a coordinated show of loyalty, the South Carolinian ripped his nominal leader Mitch McConnell on Fox News Sunday, according to WaPo’s account:

Graham had reportedly warned his GOP colleagues that McConnell had “led them on a charge up a hill and they were getting shot in the back” on the [debt ceiling] issue, according to the Hill. Asked whether it was “really such a big deal” on Sunday, Graham said it was and asserted it would have implications for the midterm elections next year.

“It was a big deal to me,” he told Wallace. “If we’re going to be successful in 2022, we’re going to have to work together as a team. And here’s what I would say to every Republican: If you want to be … a Republican leader in the House or the Senate and you don’t have a working relationship with Donald Trump, you cannot be effective. So, I hope we’ll get on the same page here.”

Maybe Graham imagines himself in McConnell’s office. Meanwhile, Trump issued a weird statement on his obscure website, calling McConnell a “Broken Old Crow” who’s hurting the Republicans’ chance to make gains in the midterm elections.

But if the response in Florida is any indication, the rubes’ interest in the comeback tour is waning, judging by attendance at the two Florida rallies held this weekend. From The Orlando Sentinel:

Guests began entering when the gates opened at noon. But just like at the kickoff event in South Florida on Saturday, turnout was light enough that ticketholders for upper bowl seats were told they could sit in the lower section instead. Trump’s representatives had predicted the shows would sell out.

Tickets started at $100, with VIP seats reportedly costing thousands more. But by Sunday morning, prices for some tickets had dropped to as low as $40.

Trump was accompanied by fellow geriatric sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly at the Orlando event, which featured an O’Reilly “interview” of Trump. Things got a bit awkward when O’Reilly mentioned FL Governor Ron DeSantis as a potential 2024 running mate:

Trump equivocated, saying, “I think that people are going to be very happy with what I do. … He’s certainly somebody that I like a lot.”

Trump, who in a tweet endorsed DeSantis in the 2018 Republican primary, took full credit for the governor’s narrow victory.

“One day, he came to see me and he said, ‘It’s really important, I’d like to run for governor of Florida.’ I said, ‘Ron, people don’t know you as the guy that’s gonna run for governor.’ … Nobody knew him.”

They knew him not! Apparently Trump points out that he made DeSantis all the time, which is true enough. But the vain cockwaffle Trump is jealous of his own creation, and maybe he has reason to be — perhaps he senses a shift in the mob’s allegiance. Here’s what a rally-goer told a reporter outside the event:

Crystal Sparks, 57, said she traveled to Orlando from La Plata, Maryland. Her friend Emily Jennings, 54, from Daytona Beach, bought them floor tickets for $365 each.

“They’re [the Biden admin] telling people how they will live, how they will talk, and how they will think,” she said. “It has impacted the way my grandchildren are raised, what they learn in school, to the point where my son actually took his children out of school to homeschool them full-time.”

She said she plans to move to Florida as soon as possible so she can live under DeSantis’ leadership.

It will never not be terrifying for the leader of an authoritarian fascist cult to have a less than zero chance of becoming POTUS. I’d rather have our candidate face the proven loser.

Open thread.

*Is discussing potential 2024 presidential matchups putting the cart before the horse? Probably, if politics is your job. But it’s not our job. We’re just bullshitting on a blog, in an open thread where no one is even required to address the topic, so it’s okay. 

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