Media grazing on Astroturf again

Remember how the Beltway press fell for the “grassroots” tea party bullshit during the last Democratic president’s first term, even though the whole thing was obviously a fraudulent, Koch-funded, anti-tax Astroturf effort from day one? Well, they’re falling for the same old bullshit in a new package.

Here’s a dopily credulous CNN piece on two plucky Florida moms who are just so gosh-darn fed up with teachers unions and bureaucrats in their school districts that they up and created a little grassroots nonpartisan movement called “Moms for Liberty.” And BOOM, suddenly their plucky li’l movement has gone nationwide, can you belieeeeeve it?

The organization grew exponentially in a matter of months, according to the founders, who say they now have 167 chapters across more than 30 states with 70,000 members. They say their goal is to have a Moms for Liberty chapter in every school district, showing up at every school board meeting in the country.

With Moms for Liberty t-shirts that carry slogans such as “We do NOT CO-PARENT with the GOVERNMENT,” members are taking to podiums at school board meetings and rallies to protest mask and vaccine mandates, materials in books and curriculum related to race and LGBTQ rights, and critical race theory (CRT), among other concerns, including falling literacy rates.

Weird how we never hear anything about “falling literacy rates” while these goobers are tossing books into the fire. Anyhoo, this part of the article is almost precious:

Moms for Liberty has set up three political action committees and its chapters are now endorsing candidates in school board elections, although Descovich and Justice insist the group is non-partisan.

According to Descovich, the organization has “cleared $300,000” in funding through T-shirt sales, small donations and fundraising events. Moms for Liberty recently hired a part-time assistant and Descovich is now receiving a stipend as the executive director.  The organization is so new, however, the chapter’s tax records are not yet available.

LOL! Just fucking Google these two women, CNN reporters! They have a digital trail and an obvious political agenda. They didn’t spring fully formed from Zeus’s head in 2021, and their activities just so happen to map precisely to whatever cultural panic Florida Republicans are fomenting at the moment — trans girls participating in sports, mask mandates, CRT, whatever.

God, it’s maddening to have the narrative set by people who apparently drop out of the womb brand new every goddamn day. It lends credence to theories I don’t wholly buy, which is that all MSM reporting strictly supports the GOP agenda.

Open thread.

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