Microsoft’s Bing Halts Autofill Feature in China, Citing Local Laws

Microsoft's Bing said it has suspended the autofill suggestion feature in China to comply with Chinese laws, while some users in the country said the search engine had become inaccessible. From a report: By Friday, Bing's China website had a notice saying it "was required by the relevant government agency to suspend the search auto suggestion feature in mainland China for 30 days" as per Chinese laws. It didn't explain how the laws regulated the autofill function. Starting around Thursday, some China-based users of Bing found they couldn't open the search engine's website, though others could still use the service. Bing -- the last major foreign search engine operating in China after Google pulled its search engine from the country in 2010 -- was still unavailable for some users on Friday in at least nine provinces and regions including Beijing, Guangdong, Hubei, Shanghai and Sichuan, according to checks by The Wall Street Journal. Bing's service disruption is the latest headache for Microsoft in China, where the American technology juggernaut has been caught in increasingly difficult situations this year as Beijing tightens its control of online content.

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