Monday Afternoon Open Thread

Looks like we could use an open thread.

In case you missed this from Subaru Diane… she is definitely our BJ poet laureate!


Balloon Juice is really as good as it gets
(Come for the politics, stay for the pets)

Sometimes it’s cheerful and sometimes it’s rude
(Come for the animals, stay for the food)

It’s for excellent jackals — plus assholes and dicks
(Come for the recipes, stay for the flicks)

It’s for interests, hobbies, and fun of all sorts
(Come for the movie nights, stay for the sports)

It is run by a fellow who doesn’t wear pants
(Come for the football and stay for the plants)

It’s for brilliant professors and every-day loons
(Come for the gardens and stay for the tunes)

We argue the redistribution of wealth
(Come for the music and stay for the health)

So many smart people! So many good deeds,
So many great outcomes we planted as seeds.
This place fits as comfortably as an old glove,
So come to Balloon Juice and stay for the love.

I love this so much!  Open thread.

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