Nothingburger on the menu

Politico’s New Year’s resolution? Continue to be a boil on the arse of the body politic:

When Joe Biden first came into office, progressives said he could be the next FDR.

Now, as Biden’s relationship with the left has come under strain, liberals are talking about treating him like former President Jimmy Carter instead — and mapping out a Democratic primary challenge in 2024.

A steaming load of horseshit from start to finish. The reporter got a click-bait quote from some lefty PAC nobody who used to be AOC’s PR flack. Even the crap article notes that actual Democrats, including uber progressive House members, are backing Biden. Rep. Ro Khanna is quoted in the article saying Biden will have his “enthusiastic support” in 2024.

The potential challengers listed are cranks and kooks like Nina Turner and Marianne Williams. But still the article makes this risible assertion:

The fact that any primary challenge at all is now openly being discussed demonstrates how disappointed some progressives are about Biden’s presidency.

That’s just unadulterated bullshit. Dozens of people challenged President Obama in 2012, including a fellow named Vermin Supreme. No one took it seriously because it wasn’t serious. This Politico story isn’t either.


TV notes:

We finally saw “The French Dispatch.” It was worth seeing, but it’s not Anderson’s finest work, IMO. Peak quirky, but that’s mostly it.

We’re also watching the “Station Eleven” series, and four episodes in, it’s good. But the TV adaptation departs from the book’s narrative structure in an important way that I hope doesn’t blow up later.

Food notes:

We’ll be making a margherita pizza later. Fuck a bunch of black-eyed peas. I’ve never been a fan and can conclusively testify that they do not work as a good luck generator. So henceforth, I’ll be eating things I actually like on New Year’s Day, such as pizza.

Puppy notes:

Progress on the housetraining front! Twice Pete went to the door to indicate he wanted to go outside. I took him out to take care of business both times, which he promptly did. A third time, he went to the door, but I didn’t see it because I’d stupidly paid attention to something else. Found a puddle in front of the door.

That’s my mistake, but eventually I’ll have to teach him to bark to let me know he wants out instead of silently standing in front of the door. That’s been the breakthrough moment with all the dogs I’ve trained, including Badger, who learned very fast. If Pete gets it as soon, he’s a genius.

Cute little bugger, isn’t he? And yes, my WiFi thingie in the background is on a stack of accordions.  Isn’t everyone’s? (Neither of us plays the accordion, but the mister’s late father collected them, and we inherited several.) Bonus Pete picture:

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