Nvidia Allegedly Hacks Hackers Who Stole Company’s Data

According to Vx-underground on Twitter, Nvidia has reportedly retaliated against the hacker group that stole over 1TB of the company's data by sneaking back into the hacker's system and encrypting the stolen data. Tom's Hardware reports: LAPSU$, an extortion group in South America, had illegally tapped into Nvidia's mailing server and installed malware on the software distribution server. As a result, the hacker group purportedly extracted over 1TB of Nvidia's data. However, it's unknown what kind of data the hackers had stolen, whether Nvidia's or its clients' data. It would seem that Nvidia has identified the attackers. According to the Vx-underground's Twitter post and backed by screenshots, the chipmaker has infected the perpetrators' system with ransomware and encrypted the stolen data in response to the attack. The group claimed that it had a backup of the data, though.

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