NVIDIA’s Cloud Gaming Service Quietly Capped Frame Rates on 12 Games

Nvidia's "GeForce Now" cloud gaming service has been quietly capping the frame rates for a handful of 12 specific games on certain tiers "to ensure consistent performance," reports the Verge. "Nvidia says the vast majority of games run at 60fps, but not these 12." Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service just leapfrogged Google Stadia in performance, with a new $200-a-year tier that practically gives you the power of an RTX 3080 desktop graphics card in the cloud. But if you're grandfathered into the original $4.99 a month "Founders" tier, or pay $100 a year for "Priority" access, you may not be getting quite what you expected... Nvidia now has an official support page (via 9to5Google) explaining the practice, after Redditors and others revealed that a variety of games were locked to frame rates lower than 60fps. It appears that Nvidia's been doing this for quite a while but only for a handful of demanding games. I did a little searching, and some people were already complaining about being locked to 45fps in Cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020, just as Nvidia admits here. Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising are the other games that have sub-50fps frame rates, while others run a bit higher. "For our Priority Members, the maximum frames rendered per second is generally set to 60, or higher, for most of the 1,100+ games we've onboarded so far," NVIDIA explains on its official support page. "There are some exceptions that we determined do not run well enough at 60 FPS on the GPUs used by Priority members. So the default OPS for these specific graphics-intensive games cannot be overridden. "This is to ensure all Priority members are running a consistent, high-quality experience."

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