Odds and Ends (Open Thread)

Lots of news happening today. Here are a few conversational hares from the front page of The Post:

The QAnon whack-job who dressed up in horned pelts for the insurrection and was widely photographed brainlessly bellowing in the Senate chamber was sentenced to 41 months in prison today.

Speaking of whack-jobs, the House will vote on a resolution to censure Rep. Gosar and remove him from committee assignments this afternoon. Pelosi’s comments on the matter:

“It’s an emergency,” Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol when asked why the House is taking action against Gosar. “It’s violence against women, workplace harassment — really, I think, legal matters in terms of threatening a member and the president of the United States.” She added: “It’s outrageous on the part of the Republican leadership not to act on this.”

She’s right on all counts. Here’s a tidbit I did not know:

If the House votes to censure a member, that lawmaker must stand in the “well” of the House chamber as the censure resolution and a verbal rebuke are read aloud.

For some reason, I find that amusing. It’s old-fashioned — akin to a dunce cap and stool. I wonder if Gosar will comply, and if not, what happens then? The Post doesn’t say.

Also, Steve “Two-Shirts” Bannon is pleading “not guilty” to contempt of Congress charges, according to CNN. I wonder how long he’ll manage to kick that can down the road…

Open thread.


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