On The Road – Albatrossity – October at the Beach – Week 1

This week we’re at the beach with Albatrossity and namekarB, at a state park with tom, at the lake with BillinGlendale, we get to chase Poncho Villa with cope, and …

We get to spend the week of Nov 15 in Iceland with MissWimsey!


In the spring of this year, once it seemed like COVID might be on the run (hah!) and one of my sisters had gotten her liver transplant and was finally on the mend, my brother and sister-in-law began planning for a friends-and-family month at a beach house on an island in North Carolina. The idea was that there would be a rotating cast of their friends and family, with groups staying about a week at a time, and it would be a celebration of making it through the pandemic years.

It was, for the most part, although my sister with the new liver had some other issues that made it impossible for her to join us, alas. We ate great food, drank good wines, watched the waves and the winds and the sunsets and sunrises, and got caught up with each other’s lives in a leisurely manner. We got to stay the whole month (!), and made new friends while catching up with family members and their friends and relations. Naturally, I went in search of birds to photograph as well, so here are some of those pics, with more to come in the next installment!

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