On The Road – Albatrossity – Winter 2021-22 in Flyover Country – week 1

Well it’s definitely winter because we are having a run of zero degree weather here, but the bright spot is that at least we get to spend Winter in Flyover Country  with Albatrossity!  Then Christopher Mathews takes us on a one-day trip to Iceland, where we learn how Iceland got its name.  Oh, and you better get out your hiking boots because on Wednesday we’re starting a 3-day hiking trip with way2blue.


The week after Christmas must mean that it is time for more bird pictures here. I’ve been spending a lot of time documenting the variety of Red-tailed Hawks that hang out in Flyover Country every winter, and today’s post will feature some of those, as well as some other migrants who were just passing through. In the weeks to come there will probably be more hawks, and lots of other winter resident birds who brighten up this part of the world during the dark and cold time of year.

I’d also like to remind you, even if you already have enough calendars, that my Flyover Country Birds 2022 calendar, and a new addition, a Bird Butts 2022 calendar, are available for gifting, receiving, and year-long season-marking. So if you enjoy birds, and have room on your walls for a calendar, check them out!

Many birders know that Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis), a species that is distributed across the North American continent, come in an immense variety of plumages, even though the standard-issue summertime redtail in their part of the country might not be that variable. Here in Flyover Country in the winter, on an average day we can easily find representatives of 4 of the 5 most widespread subspecies, and on a good day we can see all 5! This week I will highlight the most variable of those subspecies, Harlan’s Red-tailed Hawk (B. j. harlani).

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